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    Artdata Pact - " Venice Convention 1991 Biennale di Venezia "

    General Provisions. The Artdata platform, the Swiss register, is created to make art more accessible to all and especially the most 'secure, promoting exchanges and the enhancement of the works, offering benefits and services that no one in the world and' was able to provide: in fact many of our systems and technology are protected by patents. The Artdata platform promotes openness and transparency by giving users the ability to record their own works of art or multiple copyright unique (as defined in the "Declaration of Venice - Biennale 1991- Enzo di Martino), through an international certification by compiling the Swiss Art Certificate and affixing the Swiss sticker, patented in collaboration with Orell Füssli Security printing Ltd. Zurich (society 'founded in late 1600 and the most important and respected in the world in the printing of banknotes) and exchange their works through the innovative markets Artdata FreeTrade Exchange and the dissemination of art of all and for all done on the basis of certain principles, in compliance with legal restrictions, technology and new social norms. These principles are the basis of the rights and responsibilities of users of Artdata service sponsored by the Swiss Stellage SA (Switzerland) standing with leading global partners and, for those who had fraudulent intent or animated by little correct strongly recommend abstinence from 'work with our platform, because 'would be easily discovered, it reported to the competent authorities and unmasked with ease 1. Absolute freedom of sharing and contact users will have the freedom to share all the information they want, by any means of communication and any format being able to manage the information they want to share and on their own responsibility. 2. Ownership and Control of Personal Information Each user is the owner of your personal information (such as name, last name, username and password). Each user will have the freedom to share such personal information with anyone you want and take them with you anywhere, and the freedom to remove them from Artdata service. Users will have the freedom to decide with whom to share information and to set privacy controls. These controls, however, not only can limit the mode of use of the information by the users who receive them, in particular outside of the Artdata service. 3. Free access to information Users will have the freedom to access all the information made available to them by other users. 4. Artdada without borders The Artdata service will transcend geographic and national boundaries and will be available for users around the world. 5. Artdata Pact The rights and responsibilities of Artdata and its users will be described nell'Artdata Pact.
    Rights And Responsibilities Of The Artdata Pact will regulate the relations between users and Artdata. The use and / or access to Artdata involve the acceptance of the present Convention and its updates, which might be made. 1. Purpose The purpose Artdata that aims to achieve is the creation of a global information system for sharing and exchange of information related to the art world in the broadest sense, by bringing together different actors, due to their personal abilities, knowledge and experience, can grow the culture and knowledge of the world dell'arte.Inoltre make the art world more secure and liquid to the benefit of all, both potential buyers and sellers but also a world that sees artists, the gallersiti, museums, art critics take center stage. 2. Privacy & Cookies For Artdata, the Swiss registry, user privacy is very important. The Data Use Policy can be found in the Privacy Policy. Artdata, to improve services and the user experience, it resorts to the use of Cookies. 3. Sharing Your Content and Information The user is the owner and manager of personal information entered on Artdata and can control how they are shared through your privacy settings, and application settings. At a time when the user should enter on Artdata images or information about artists, artworks, events or whatever, it will transfer automatically and free of charge to Artdata a perpetual right to use, transferable, valid all over the world on these images and information. Artdata will then use information about artists, events or works of art submitted by other users, without limitation use of spatial, temporal, or other and without having to request additional permissions, then 1. If the user enters Artdata of images, content or information regarding a work or an artist, Artdata will grant the right to use the same forever, without limit in space or how to use and whether or not, at a later time, the user delete the account of Artdata or content contained within the same account 2. When you share with other users Artdata content, images or information using the "Public" setting, will grant all users with whom he shared this information, to access and use them. 3. Comments or suggestions from users regarding Artdata are always welcome. However, the user must be aware of the fact that these suggestions may be used without any obligation to compensate him. 4. Security it will ensure the maximum commitment so Artdata is a secure site, in any case, users must contribute to protecting the safety of Artdata, pledging to: 1. do not post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on Artdata; 2. not collect users' content or information, or otherwise access to Artdata using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers) without authorization; 3. do not take marketing actions illegal multi-level, for example pyramid schemes, on Artdata; 4. not to upload viruses or other malicious code; 5. do not try to obtain access information or to access other users' accounts; 6. not to denigrate, intimidate or harass other users also comments clearly aimed at creating a social damage in various sections; 7. not publish miners, pornographic, with incitement to hatred or violence or nudity or strong or gratuitous violence outside the artistic purposes related to the site; 8. not to develop or use third party applications with content related to alcohol, to drugs, to dating services still aimed at an adult audience (including advertising); 9. respect the Artdata guidelines on promotions and all applicable laws if you would strive Greater publicity or competitions, offers or sweepstakes ( "promotion") on Artdata; 10. Artdata not use for illegal purposes, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory; 11. take any action that might impede, overburden, or impair the proper functioning or appearance of Artdata; 12. comply with the principles expressed in the "Copyright" section of Artdata; 13. does not promote or encourage non-compliance with this Artdata Pact. In case of violation of each provision of this Article, Artdata, in the legal personality promoter of the platform, the Swiss Stellage SA, will prompt the user that has carried out the conduct detrimental to the principles mentioned above, as a penalty, the 'amount of 2,000.00 Swiss francs. 5. Registration and Account Security - Recommendations The Artdata users provide their name and their real information. As for registration and to ensure the security of your account, you agree to: 1. not provide any false personal information on Artdata or create an account on behalf of another person; 2. not create more than one personal account; 3. do not create another unauthorized account if the original account is disabled; 4. make sure your contact information is always accurate and up to date; 5. do not share your password or allow other people to access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your; 6. not to transfer to third parties your account (including any page or application whose administrator) without the prior written consent of Artdata. 7. If the user will select a username or similar identifier for your account to another or your own page, Artdata reserves the right to remove or request the change. 6. Protection of the rights of third parties Artdata and users undertake to respect the rights of third parties. 1. You will not post documents or images or take action on Artdata which violates the rights of third parties or applicable laws. 2. Artdata reserves the right to remove any content or information published in the event that it does not consider to comply with this declaration or the local rule. 3. Will it provide the tools necessary to protect the user's intellectual property rights. If you will remove the content which violates the copyrights of others, but you believe that you are mistaken, will have the opportunity to appeal, by sending an email to 4. If you do not repeatedly respects the intellectual property rights of others, your account will be disabled. 5. You will not use copyrights or trademarks of Artdata or similar symbols that can be the subject of confusion. 6. If a user were to collect personal information from other users, promise to get their approval for publication, stating that it is not Artdata to collect the information. 7. You will not post identification documents or other documents relating to the personal information Artdata users without their express consent or sensitive financial information on Artdata. 8. Artdata not be liable for any publication of personal information of users who are not authorized by them. In case of violation of each provision of this Article, Artdata, in the legal personality promoter of the platform, the Swiss stellage know, will prompt the user that has carried out the conduct detrimental to the principles mentioned above, as a penalty, the 'amount of 2,000.00 Swiss francs. 7. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Artdata is a program in order to facilitate the dissemination and diffusion of information and knowledge of art and artists. Artdata is committed to always recognize the intellectual property of each artist whose works were to be placed on the portal. 1. Every user should enter on Artdata work will have the opportunity to enter the name of the author of the same, as well as the characteristics of the work place. 2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if an archive, a gallery, a museum or a foundation, or other types of user input on Artdata reproductions of artworks automatically declare to be the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights in the work place and will release Artdata of charges and / or obligation of economic recognition in relation to intellectual property and the copyright of the work personally responding to any requests from third parties. 3. Where the author himself to enter on Artdata photographic reproductions of his works, these will grant a right Artdata endless use, transferable, valid all over the world on these images free of charge with the understanding that these images, if disclosed or disseminated to third parties, could be used by them. 4. Artdata always allow the insertion tab of each work the author's name, if known, and the identification data of the work itself. 5. You can print a copy and may download extracts, of any page from Artdata site for your personal reference. 6. You may not modify the paper or digital copies of any materials printed or downloaded in any way, and you must not use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio clip or any graphics separately from the accompanying text. 7. Our status (and that of users) as the authors / owners / licensees of the material on our site must always be recognized. 8. Any violation of these terms of use, will result in the termination of the right to use Artdata and you must, at our option, return or destroy all copies made. 8. Payments Any payment that may be made by Artdata will be governed by the rules on payment periods on the Artdata site. 9. Special provisions applicable to social plugins If the user will use on its website as the "Share" button, social plugins of Artdata, will be subject to the following additional conditions: 1. The user is granted to use the Artdata social plugins so that users can post links or content of its Web site on Artdata 2. the user authorizes to use and allow others to use such links and content on Artdata 3. user you agree not to post on the pages social plugins with content that, if published on Artdata, does not respect the present Declaration. 10. Information on advertising and other commercial content published or supported by Artdata On the pages of Artdata will be possible to insert advertising and other commercial content for the benefit of users and advertisers only if previously agreed with Artdata. 11. Artdata authentication cars Services provides to all its users a platform with innovative capabilities, allowing, inter alia, to be able to authenticate, on its own responsibility, any work of art through a patented process of certification, Cataloging and Tagging ( CCT) that will end with the endorsement of the Swiss Sticker, accompanied by a special paper certificate specially numbered uniquely. 12. Special Provisions Applicable to Software When download or use our software, you agree that the software may occasionally download and / or install updates, upgrades and additional features from Artdata to improve, optimize and develop the software further. You agree not to modify, create derivative works from, decompile or otherwise groped to extract the source code, without express written permission of Artdata. 13. Resolution If the user's actions do not meet in the form and substance of this Declaration and should be such as to create legal risks for the company, the latter reserves the right to discontinue the provision of part or all of the services of Artdata against him. The user will be sent an e-mail notification or a notice on the next attempt account access. You may cancel your account at any time. 14. Applicable Law and Disputes Any and all claims, substantive law or dispute between you and Artdata, arising under this Artdata Pact or the use of Artdata, are exclusively subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss courts and are the sole responsibility of the Forum Lugano. This Artdata Pact, as well as any dispute that may arise between the two parties, will be governed by Swiss law. In case you should have complaints against Artdata related to actions related to users or relating to the content or information you have entered on Artdata, the user shall indemnify and hold harmless Artdata from and against any damage, loss or expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of such claim. Artdata is not responsible for the content or information users transmit or share on Artdata. We are not responsible for any information or offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful or otherwise objectionable Artdata of this, nor of the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user of Artdata. Artdata strives to keep the website up, error-free and secure, while accepting the user to use it at your own risk. Artdata comes with no warranty expressed or implied. Artdata will be exempted from any liability related to errors or temporary malfunctions and damages resulting from the actions of third parties, the content, the information or data entered by third parties.