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    Red Tommy Pet Lovers

    Pet Lovers

    17 Credits

    Nationality : Italy

    Date of Birth : 01/01/2019

    The project stems from an idea of "Art Events by Mario Mazzoleni" closely linked to contemporary art with particular attention to the almost symbiotic union between love for animals and a marked taste of neo-pop style. The dog was, above all with the advent of Jeff Koons, a symbol of conceptual art, a perfect example of sympathy, art and color. The Pop philosophy, which included the insertion of fragments and objects belonging to the everyday sphere, finds perfect explanation in this project; contemporary art encompasses the external real world and aims at the realization of works in which the user can rediscover familiar themes, personal experience, easy to understand and with direct references. Pet Art Project consists of 3 reference models that correspond to 3 different types of dogs: Bulldog (Zar), Bassett (Tommy) and Chihuahua (Scooby). The project, as well as the Pop Art movement by Andy Warhol, aims at the immediacy, the clarity of the proposed subject with an unequivocal aesthetic taste that must strike the viewer and arouse interest. Each piece of the collection is designed to be unique and sophisticated, presents variations in decoration and ranges from fluorescent colors, to those characterized by decorative patterns, from the gold model up to the most exclusive pieces in Crystals Swarovski.

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    Artwork Type : Paint
    Year : 2019
    Category : Unique Artwork
    Technique : Sculpture, glass
    Specifics :
    Height : 29.5 cm
    Width : 37.3 cm
    Depth : 14.8 cm
    Signature : Original signature under the left front paw
    Inscriptions on the back : Sticker Artdata


    Mario Mazzoleni

    IT000011 Omnibus

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